Cello’s Doughnuts and Dips

MANILA, Philippines – Everyone’s crazy about donuts. Some people list donuts as one of their all-time favorite foods. Husband and wife Cello and Jutes Templo are two of these people. Their love for donuts prompted them to open up a donut shop of their own, especially since Cello had always wanted to open her very own bakery. A donut-making seminar and a several experiments and taste tests later, Cello’s Doughnuts and Dips was born.

Unveiled in the midst of the “donut boom” in the country in 2004, Cello’s originally started in the aisles of grocery stores until Cello and Jutes opened their first branch on Katipunan. Their popularity not only hinged on the quality of their donuts but also their diverse range of flavors (they have over 20). When someone mentions Cello’s it’s easy to identify them with their Oreo, Choc-Nut and Cheese donuts — flavors that are distinctly theirs.

“We were thinking of the flavors for our donuts, so Cello and I just browsed the supermarket shelves and grabbed our favorites like Oreos, Choc-Nut and M&Ms. They became one of our original flavors, along with Candy and Choco Sprinkles and Cheesy. Oreo’s one of our best sellers because how can you go wrong with Oreo?” Jutes shares.

Another thing that sets Cello’s apart in the trade is that their donuts are kept warm. “Donuts taste best when they’re freshly made. People are used to non-hot donuts. So we made it a point to keep our donuts warm as opposed to the other store-bought donuts. People are used to the cold donuts that they buy as pasalubongs. So we thought we should make different donuts. Warmer, fresher donuts taste better and we wanted our donuts to be that way,” Jutes explains.

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Published on October 27, 2010 in the Food & Leisure section of The Philippine STAR


Author: donjaucian

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